Chris Brown back together with his ex?

Rumors say that chris brown is back together with his exgirlfriend .... yay chris better leave rihanna alone! ugh.

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ugh. Paris Hilton said she ''enjoyed'' watching Robert Pattinson in twilight. uh´..STAY AWAY PARIS :D

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Twilight Casting call in canada says:

Tears and arguments broke out Sunday as hundreds of first nations teenagers from all over North America were turned away from a casting call for New Moon, the sequel to last year’s vampiric blockbuster Twilight.

Some of the young people, who had flown in from as far away as Florida, began lining up as early as 5 a.m. at Second Avenue Studios in Vancouver’s Main Street area.

So when casting assistants told the crowd at 12:30 p.m. that no more people would be allowed in the building, the hundreds left outside were heartbroken.

Some even turned on those who had barely made it through, hurling accusations of cutting in line.

So uh. They calles for native american people to play the roles from the Quileute. seems like there had been more fans than actors.

I wish I'd live in canada :D I'd SOOOO been there :D I mean...imagine u play in ''new moon''....Can u get any nearer at ROBERT PATTINSON :D?


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Rihanna poor girl

The police confirms now that it was truly rihanna that was beaten up by huge bastard brown. She is also willing to cooperate with the cops.

Good girl RiRi


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Miley is a slut.

What's wrong with that girl?

She's all slutty wearing screwed up outfits and being all dumb.

Now she's mocking asian people. There is a picture where she's slanting her eyes. And now she makes a half-apology.

I totally hate'er.


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What is wrong with...

Rob Pattinson?


WHy is he so frickin' hawt ?

I mean...ugh. He's hot.


wow that was such a pointless entry. but I had to say it.

Okay I feel free now



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Chris Brown VIOLENT!

Hey guys it's me and...I'm SHOCKED!

I just heard that Chris Hot hot hot Brown  assaulted Rihanna after a fight they had.

 Apparently Chris and RiRi had a fight in his car. When they got out he decided to assault her. What is wrong with that guy?

Rihanna should absolutely dumb him!


Love, Louisa.

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